Jenkintown Music Theatre (JMT) seeks to provide support to the music and arts programs of Jenkintown School District through community musical theater productions, outreach and student artistic achievement awards. JMT is seeking proposals from directors for our Spring 2023 musical, Hairspray.

intro & summary

Application: Due July 6, 2022

  • Submit a one-paragraph letter of introduction. Even if you’ve directed here before, our Board of Directors includes new members, some of whom may not know you, personally or professionally.
  • Submit a resume featuring your work as a theatrical director.
  • Carefully consider the “Questions for Directors” (see below) and provide thorough answers.
  • Provide phone and email for two to three References. Ideally, these should be people who have worked with you as a director and can speak to your collaboration style, theatrical skill sets, reliability, and insight.
  • Please make sure your name appears on each document you upload.

If your proposal shows that you are a good fit for our organization, we will invite you for an interview.

Interviews will be held by invitation only. JMT plans to let all applicants know by July 13 whether we wish to schedule an interview.

Final Selection: Final decisions or offers will be made after all interviews are completed and the Board gives its approval.

Director Application

Submissions Due July 6, 2022

Upload Documents (PDF)

If you have any difficulty uploading your documents please email them to

Video Submissions

Production Challenges

Practical and Artistic Concerns

Additional Thoughts

Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3 (optional)

Thank you for addressing these questions and taking the time to submit your proposal!

Facts about JMT & our process

  • At Jenkintown Music Theatre (JMT), we stand against discrimination, prejudice, and racial injustice. We believe that every person deserves to be treated with respect, equality, and equity. JMT strives for our organization to reflect the wonderfully diverse communities in which we live. Building a more equitable artistic community is a journey that we are committed to.
  • We are a true all-volunteer community theatre. Actors, designers, directors, producers, board members, carpenters, painters, graphic designers and others donate their time, talent, and energy. While we do not pay anyone involved in our productions, we do have a modest production budget to help cover materials and supplies, and have recently included a $300 director stipend for each of our productions.
  • JMT has been bringing musical theater to Jenkintown and the surrounding area for over 70 years: View our History
  • All shows must hold open auditions – we don’t “pre-cast” roles. That said, directors are responsible for casting their own shows. If you know someone you want for a role, invite them to audition and cast them if you wish. We ask directors to keep an open mind.